Saturday, 17 November 2012

Review: Android 4.2 on Nexus 7

If you, like me, were lucky enough to have the update to Android 4.2 pushed over-the-air to you, then you'll probably of already seen what's new. If not, let me walk you through what's changed since Android 4.1.2:

The Lock Screen

Android 4.2 lock screen
The new lock screen in Android 4.2
The lock screen has received a nifty little update, where you can now add a selection of widgets above or beside where you slide your secret password in. So far, the only widgets I could add was my calender, clock and Gmail, although adding my Gmail widget could prove a security concern so I've actually disabled that widget.

Lock screen widgets Android 4.2
Lock screen widgets in Android 4.2

The Dock

Dock icons in Android 4.2
Icons in the dock are now smaller in Android 4.2
Google seem to have focused on some slight changes where the home screen is concerned, you'll notice when you update that the icons in the dock are now slightly smaller than the ones outside of the dock.

Gmail 4.2

Swipe to delete Gmail Android 4.2
Swipe to delete emails in Gmail 4.2 on Android 4.2
One lovely update is exclusive to Android 4.2 devices, and that's the Gmail app. Gmail 4.2 now lets you swipe emails in your inbox to archive or delete them, making spammy emails now fun to delete.

Deleted email in Android 4.2
That email is now deleted

The Clock

Clock widget for Android 4.2
The new clock widget in Android 4.2
Another major update in Android 4.2 is the clock, not only do we have two new widgets, but we also have a completely re-designed app and the added bonus of a stopwatch.

Stopwatch in Android 4.2
The new stopwatch feature in Android 4.2

Notifications and Settings

Notification bar in Android 4.2
Regular notifications in Android 4.2
Another major update is the notification bars. There's now two of them. If you slide down from the left hand side, you get the regular notifications and if you slide down from the right you get your settings. A welcome feature, if you ask me.

Settings menu in Android 4.2
Settings menu in Android 4.2

Other changes:

  • When in landscape mode, the voice search button in now next to the Google search button
  • You can go straight to Google Now from the lock screen, but you need to type in your password
  • Screen brightening and dimming now seems more responsive and faster to react
  • Most Google apps automatically updated after the update to Android 4.2
Noticed any more updates? Let us know in the comments!