Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Apple Adds Jelly Bean to Lawsuit Binder

Apple aren't quite done with Samsung, nor are Samsung with Apple. Recently, Samsung added the iPhone 5 to their court case, claiming it infringes multiple patents. Apple have retaliated however, by adding Android Jelly Bean to the list of infringements.

Apple iPhone 5 compared to Samsung Galaxy S III
Apples iPhone 5 and Samsung's Galaxy S III
It's hard to read if Apple are officially adding the stock Android Jelly Bean to the lawsuit or Samsung's heavily TouchWiz-altered version.

Apple might have a hard case ahead too, as this version is the absolutely least like iOS in the operating system's history, as Google saw that Apple aren't exactly afraid of court. One feature Apple have sued over in the past is the "rubber-band effect" when you reach a bottom of a list, which Google have eradicated in the newest versions of Android.