Sunday, 18 November 2012

3 Top Android Apps This Week

As I do at the weekend, I walk you through the best Android apps you can download to your device to last you the week and make your life a little easier. Let's quit the chat and get straight down to it, shall we?

1. Eye In Sky Weather | Free or Full Version Key

Eye In Sky Weather for Android Screenshots

You may have seen this app around, specifically in widget form. It's a beautifully simplistic weather app, which lets you take a gaze into the future, so you know if you should take a umbrella on your road trip or weather to pack a jacket when heading to sunny Madrid. Besides, you can download it right now for free, but there's also a pro version which lets you remove the ads, but you do have to have the free version installed anyway.

2. Theme Park | Free

Theme Park Ride for Android

If you had a PlayStation 2, and a game called Theme Park Ride, you'll be happy to know that EA have launched a new version of the game, updated for mobile devices. You can add rides, shops and explore in this recreation of the old classic. This app is a "freemium" purchase, meaning it's free to download but to access all the features you will have to make a purchase with real money. If you get the app right now, you can get 70 free supertickets.

3. Quill | 63p

Writing using a keyboard is pretty nice, but what happens when you miss your pen and paper? The freedom of drawing and writing whenever you please. Well rest assured, you can do it all on Android. Using Quill will let you have your expressive freedom back, for the small price of 63p.

That's it! What do you think of these apps? Have you found any interesting apps this week? If you want us to feature your app, take a look at our contact section to get in touch.