Saturday, 10 November 2012

Review: Lightning Adaptor for 30-Pin Connector for iPhone 5, New iPads

Apple Lightning Adaptor on Box

This might come as a surprise to some naive Apple customers, but you can't use your regular Apple cables to connect to your iPhone 5, iPad Mini or iPad 4.

That's because Apple introduced a new Lightning connector to replace the old 30-pin one that we know and love. The transfer speed of data is now "lightning fast", as well as it being very handy as you can plug it in either side up, so no more struggling with finding the rounded rectangle icon to fit the cable in.

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Although, if you own a lot of Apple accessories already that utilise the 30-pin connector, there is something to help.

Here we have the Lightning Connector adaptor for the regular 30-pin connection slots. All you have to do is slot it on top of the 30-pin connector, and you can now use any of your old accessories on the iPhone 5, the iPad Mini or the iPad 4.

Apple Lightning Adaptor on Back of Box

Apple Lightning Adaptor compared to 30-pin connector

Apple Lightning Adaptor on 30-pin connector