Friday, 30 November 2012

Weekend Tech Rumour Round-Up

It's been a busy week. We've seen the introduction of some great technology, not to mention our big portable charger competition. Now though, we've approached the weekend. Most of the tech giants have taken the next two days off and we're left with the tidbits and rumours.

Here's the biggest rumours to come from this week and what technology you should be expecting to see in the future.

$99 Nexus 7

This is a rumour that has been circulating the web for a while, but it is gaining momentum. Rumour has it that Google is going to relaunch the recently discontinued 8GB Nexus 7 for the small price of $99.

Samsung Galaxy S IV delays

It's rumoured that there is delays on the Samsung Galaxy S IV launch because of screen manufacturing problems. The screen is reported to be 1080p, but a CES launch was predicted. Now, it'll most likely launch later in 2013. Read more about that here.

Nexus 4 shipment delays continue into 2013

While the Nexus 4 has proved to be quite a popular phone, shipments and sales of the device have been heavily criticised due to it being backordered extremely. Now, early adopters of the device are having to wait, in some cases, until 2013 to receive their Nexus 4.

Xbox 720 due for mid-2013 release

Microsoft's next-gen games console, reportedly named the Xbox 720, will launch midway through next year, with 8GB of RAM and a Blu-Ray player. You can read more about that rumour here.

Microsoft to launch 'Windows Blue' OS

Microsoft are reportedly preparing a new OS upgrade system, providing yearly updates to something codenamed 'Windows Blue'. See more about that here.

Microsoft developing 'Surface Phone'

While the Surface tablet may have not payed off just yet for Microsoft, the company is reportedly preparing a Windows Phone of the same name for a release next year. Take a look at that news here.

And that's about it! Stay tuned at the weekend as we run through some great apps to keep you entertained next week.