Saturday, 15 December 2012

6 Top Android Apps This Week

It's that time of the week again, and we've had several great apps launch on the Google Play Store. Not only that, if you're an Android fanatic too, you'll know that you can also buy Magazines in Europe, too. Though, you're not here to read House Beautiful, you're here to get some great applications et al. Here they are:

1. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City | £3.74 | Download

GTA Vice City for Android
After a failed launch, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is finally available to download and play for everyone. You can revisit the child inside and take on tasks of the mob, like stealing cars and picking up packages. Mind you, running from the cops when you're on 6 stars seems more fun. If you're not concerned by forking out a few quid, this is a great game for you.

2. After Focus | Free or £1.11 | Download

Edited using After Focus, taken by myself
Want to make it look like you have a professional camera on your phone or tablet? After Focus can help. It's slightly like a Lytro, only in app form. You can paint or select which parts of the image you want focused, or draw a line around it, and it blurs the background, making it seem like you've focused in on one specific object.

3. Digital Hive Free LWP | Free | Download

A different wallpaper can make all of the difference on your Android device, it can make it seem brand new. This live wallpaper can make your Android feel really slick, and it isn't too overpowering. It's free too, although I recommend your phone or tablet has at least 1GB or RAM, otherwise it might slow it down.

4. Retro Camera | Free | Download

Tired of Instagram? Don't care for Twitter's filters? Well then, I might have the perfect app for you, Retro Camera. With Retro Camera, you can take photos with an olden style feel, then add filters and share the image on a e-postcard with your friends or family via Twitter, Facebook or email. For free, there's no reason why not to.

5. TouchPal Contacts | Free | Download

Click to enlarge
Think your Android phone could do with a revamp? Some of the worst features of a phone are in the contacts section, on most phones there's no innovation. No access to social network profiles, and the dialler couldn't be worse. Luckily, if you like the sound of all those features then TouchPal Contacts is a great add-on. The dialler is completely customizable, there is links to your contact's social profiles et al.

6. AnySoftKeyboard | Free | Download

The problem with older Android devices is that they have poorly designed keyboards. AnySoftKeyboard, however, lets you replace your default keyboard with a whole bunch of others. It also works on tablets, with split sections for easy thumb typing when in landscape mode.

That's it for the next week. I hope you have found some apps that will help you, and if you think they're cool, share this post with the options below.

[Special thanks to: Pedro Rojas, Lori Dunn and Martin Espinoza]