Saturday, 12 January 2013

4K TVs Face Tough Crowd

Every year, the television industry throws out a new feature that they try to thrust upon consumers as the new normal, and this year, at CES 2013, we saw the introduction of 4K TVs, which contain as many pixels as four 1080p screens in one.

However, last year's 3D feature is yet to find its feet in the market, and consumers are only just beginning to be able to buy a 1080p TV for a reasonable price. Can the industry take another risk with the 4K screens which are going to be at the top-end of the market?

Panasonic introducing  new products at CES 2013 (image credit: CESWeb)

Some problems that are already facing the new products which were unveiled by LG, Sony and Vizio is the fact that, even though the hardware is equipped for ultra-HD programmes and movies, providers of this content are not.

Sony have taken a step to resolve this problem, by introducing a service which lets the customer stream 4K content, but that currently only has 10 titles from Sony Pictures, which may get slightly boring. It's due to launch in February, and Sony say they'll add more titles as the year continues.

However, not all hardware manufacturers are introducing their own service, which may leave consumers scratching their heads, asking why they need a better TV to watch the same calibre of content.

One feature that will ultimately be benefiting from this hardware will be smart-TVs. Most of the 4K TVs unveiled at CES have smart-features, which allow access to the internet and either the Google Play Store or Apple's content store.