Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Cover-Mate Charging Dock Review With Nexus 4

This dock can be used on most LG and Samsung smartphones
If you have managed to grab a Nexus 4 (they are in stock in some T-Mobile stores at the time of publishing), the next step is going to be kitting your device out with some awesome accessories. I've already walked you through the best cases, but now I have something a little different, that is also compatible with most cases.
It looks and feels great
It's the Cover-Mate Desktop Charging Dock for LG and Samsung smartphones. Obviously, this means it's compatible with phones from both of those companies, but right now I had a look at it with the new Nexus 4, from Google and LG (read our sparkling review here).
The Nexus 4 fits on the dock well,
even with a case on!
This dock, as the name implies, is usable with cases on the phones, so you never have to go unprotected, with your Nexus 4 cover always on (which is good, as the dock can be wobbly). A great feature of this dock, however, is that it's not just for charging your phone. You can connect it to a PC or Mac and it will let you sync data from phone to computer, which is handy if you want to use this dock on your desk, next to your computer.
You can connect the dock to the computer to sync data with the phone
When you get the dock, there's also a USB cable included (around 75cm in length) that connects to any standard USB port, and the USB port on your charger, which means this can just be a cradle while your phone charges.
The 75cm cable might be hard to stretch to your charger,
although you could use another, longer cable.*
The cable plugs into the back of the dock. This however, was a bit of a struggle when I tried it, as you have to wiggle the cable and push to make sure it is in fully, or it keeps falling out. Once you get it in though, it is fine.
It took some effort to get the USB cable in, but once it was there it was
firmly in place
The base where another USB port plugs into your phone is supported by a springy-plastic, which means if you have a bulkier case you can still stand it on the dock without any difficulties, as the port leans slightly.
Demonstrating the springy bottom
The design of the dock is extremely sleek. Most of it is made out of a brushed plastic material, and it is held steady by two rubber feet on both legs. It's lightweight and you can even put the USB cable under the gap at the bottom if you want to store it and save space.

Overall, the dock performed well, and the features it boasted were impeccable, but the awkward USB port on the back made it hard to connect, and the springy bottom made the device wobbly when being touched. You can buy the dock here

*pencil not included