Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Review: Two Great New Nexus 7 Sleeves

If you'd prefer to be able to take your Nexus 7 on the go with you, but don't want to have it strapped in a Nexus 7 case, the best alternative is to buy a sturdy sleeve for your device. Here, I have two great products, the Case Logic Nexus 7 sleeve, which offers the best overall protection, and the Encase Ultrasuade Pouch, in vibrant pink, which also offers screen wipe capabilities.

With the Case Logic sleeve, you get the added protection of a zip so there's no possibility of your device slipping out and onto the ground, and it also boasts a pretty padded material all the way around, which should be pretty shock-absorbent.

For even more protection, there is an internal strap which keeps your Nexus 7 in place while your case moves around.

If you aren't so keen on the black design, however, there is another option. The Encase Ultrasuade Pouch comes in vibrant pink and is the perfect girly case for your Nexus 7. An added bonus of this case is that it the outside of the pouch can act as a screen wipe, to keep your tablet in pristine condition. It is a great Nexus 7 cover.

This pouch offers superb protection and accessibility, as you can just pull your Nexus 7 up from the gap in the top. The pouch is a great form factor for all 7-inch tablets, as it also works with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.