Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Review: Case Mate Nexus 7 Tuxedo

The Tuxedo holds the Nexus 7 in two different landscape positions
With the Nexus 7, its beauty has to also be represented by its case, and there are so few that can perform this task that when one is found it feels like pure elegance.

Today, I have the Case Mate Tuxedo case for the Nexus 7. It's extremely slim, has a premium feel on the outside and a velvet-feeling material on the screen cover.
The inside feels like velvet
As many Nexus 7 cases do, it holds your tablet in two different positions, one for typing and the other for viewing videos, or looking at webpages. Also, you can flip out the cover and it will hold the Nexus 7 in portrait.
The Tuxedo can hold your Nexus 7 up to watch videos
It also utilizes the smart-wake feature on the tablet, which allows you to turn the screen on by simply flipping open the Nexus 7 cover.

It holds the tablet by using a special sticky technology, a bit like glue. This means there's no material covering the front of the tablet, so it is perfect for people who just want to touch their tablets.
Sadly, there's no quick access to the volume rocker
The case provides access to most ports and buttons, although the part of the case which holds the front to the back covers the volume rockers, which will obviously pose a problem turning the volume up and down when listening to music.

The good bits: It's the slimmest Nexus 7 leather case I've used so far, it leaves the front bezel completely free, and the sticky back holds it in place firmly. The design and feel is a cut above the rest, feeling and looking outstanding.

The bad bits: The front cover keeps the volume buttons out of reach, and getting the Nexus 7 into the proper position with the sticky back. The case might not protect the tablet from more than the odd knock either.
(Nearly) as thin as a pencil
Overall opinion: This is possibly the best Nexus 7 case I've ever used. The fact that you can't get to the volume buttons with one touch and it won't protect against a big drop I can, for one, easily overlook. It's the closest thing you can get to a iPad-style case on the market currently. You can buy it here.