Sunday, 27 January 2013

Twitter Finally Makes Sharing Videos Simpler, With Vine

Sharing photos onto social networks has recently become a breeze, as various app developers have created new ways to do it. Instagram "revolutionized" how we did it with filters, and Aviary also propped up with some nice tools. Videos, however, have suffered.

Vine is Twitter's answer to sharing videos
The first tried-but-failed attempt was from 'Viddy', an app which let people film short videos and then add filters, to share them to social networks like Twitter. Sadly, it didn't get very popular and only a select amount of people are using it.

Now, however, Twitter have taken a step to make the whole process of shooting and sharing videos easier, with their new app 'Vine'. Twitter purchased Vine before it was set to launch last year, and added some finishing touches to it, to release it for iOS a few days ago.

Vine lets you take 6 seconds (or less) videos, and then upload them to Twitter. The small amount of time indicates Twitter are trying to make people creative, like how they are with Tweets under 140 characters.

So far, Vine has gained some outstanding coverage from techno-press and bloggers alike. No wonder, as the service is so seamlessly intertwined with Twitter, allowing for fast uploads and ease of viewing, by simply tapping on the Tweet it is embedded in.

Twitter have said that they are working on bringing Vine to more platforms, so presumably Android will get it  second, then Windows Phone or BlackBerry 10.

[Source: Twitter Blog]