Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Review: SoundWave SW50 Bluetooth Speaker Phone

The SW50 speaker provides great sound for such a small device
Outstanding audio quality packed into a wireless speaker. With a great price tag, this is the perfect audio side kick to your smartphone or tablet.

Pairing was as simple as holding down a button and tapping the screen
The wireless speaker connects to your device via Bluetooth, and allows you to listen to music and talk on the phone from up to 10 meters away. When you get a call, the speaker pauses the music and rings, which you then answer with the designated call button (also used for pairing) and the built in microphone reduces noise and echo.
You can answer calls and it even includes a microphone
The speaker has a few buttons, one for the microphone to listen or not, and one to answer calls. Another button on the opposite side to turn it on and off.
Off and on. Not much more to say here.
You can use the SW50 from up to 10 metres away, and if you are using it with an iPhone, it displays the battery level of the speaker on top of your iPhone's battery indicator. I was able to leave it in the lounge, and walk to the kitchen with my Nexus 7 without any music being disrupted.

Listen to your favorite music from far away
Compared to some expensive stereo systems I've used, this is on par with sound quality. For such a small device, I was pleasantly surprised. Although, it does lack a bit of power in the bass, but for its size you would expect that.

Currently, I'd say there's nothing on the market at this price that can beat this speaker on quality, size and performance. You charge it via a USB connection for hours of use. Pairing was easy, all I had to do was hold the phone button down after it turned on and my Nexus 7 picked it up and paired. It's very sleek and you could carry it around with your iPad case or Nexus case and it would fit in well.

Battery included. And it's rechargeable.
In addition, there's also a pouch, USB charging cable and a plastic mat (to stop it slipping around, although it does have three rubber feet) included in the box.

All these goodies are included
Overall, I give this speaker four and a half out of five stars. Everything is very exceptional about this device, it doesn't lose connection, it produces great sound, reads out your incoming messages, you can answer calls and you'll only have to plug it into your laptop to charge. The only downside is the slight lack of power in the bass, but it is hardly noticeable.