Monday, 4 February 2013

BlackBerry Rests Survival Hopes on Z10

The moment a lot of people in the technology industry have been keeping an eye on came and went a few days ago, as the previously named RIM launched two new BlackBerry handsets, both running on a brand new mobile OS, BlackBerry 10.

The new BlackBerry Z10 (image courtesy of BlackBerry)
The two handsets that they brought out were the Q10, with a physical keyboard, and the Z10, with nothing but touch screen, and some iPhone 5-type edges.

BlackBerry, as they are now named, however, are resting their main hopes on the aforementioned Z10, as they attempt to keep up with Apple's iOS and Google's Android devices.

Lucky for BlackBerry, the Z10 packs in just about enough power to get them through to the next product launch, where they new handsets from Apple, Samsung and Google will likely outshine the Z10.
The UI isn't quite as spectacular to that of Android or iOS (image courtesy
of BlackBerry)
The phone matches many top-end devices out at the moment, with an 8MP backwards-facing camera, a 2MP front-facing camera, 2GB of RAM and a 1280x768 resolution display (that's 356 PPI, to you and me). Sadly, BlackBerry only packed in a dual-core processor, which is below par for the current technological climate we live in.

The software is more geared towards the company than the average teen, with business features aplenty on the Z10. The main one is BlackBerry Balance, which allows companies to decide what data can be personal, and which is strictly for work.

There's also BlackBerry Hub, which synchronizes all of your messages into one big folder, along with the new on screen keyboard, which promises to speed up your typing.

One downfall is the applications available to download. Many top developers are yet to wade in, and it's been reported that BlackBerry have repackaged around 70,000 Android apps to be on the BlackBerry World. This of course raises the question: why not just get an Android device?

Overall, the Z10 looks good on paper, but first-hand accounts have said that the phone is prone to stutters, and the battery won't last you through a whole day. If you like storing lots on your phone, you can insert a MicroSD card, but that definitely isn't a major selling point.