Thursday, 28 February 2013

Firefox OS and Tizen OS Launches at MWC 2013

If the mobile operating system market wasn't crowded enough, Mozilla and Tizen have launched their respective systems; Firefox OS and Tizen OS.

Firefox OS has been in the works for a while, and Mozilla are aiming at making the operating system more open and fast. It's built on HTML5 and other web open standards, setting it apart from the standard competition.

Image credit: Mozilla
Mozilla are also launching the OS with a packed Firefox Marketplace, which allows you to download HTML5 apps. So far Mozilla have managed to get some big players in the mobile industry to partner with them, including T-Mobile, Telefonica and Sprint.

On the other side of the fence, we find Tizen OS, which has been being developed by some of the biggest technology companies as a viable rival for Android and iOS. Samsung and Intel are spearheading the new operating system.

The OS is very similar to Android, with a touch of design from Apple and Samsung. You have the standard app grids, pull-down notifications and app store. Even the sharing screen seems to be a skinned version of Android.
Image credit: CNET
Something that has emerged that might make consumers squeamish about this new system is that the Tizen officials have said that carriers will be easily able tinker with the devices, meaning fragmentation of the highest level.

What do you think of the new operating systems? Can they compete with Android and iOS? Or will they be subdued to a fight with Windows Phone and BlackBerry?