Thursday, 7 March 2013

Review: Colca Sac 13" Macbook Pro Sleeve

The Colca Sac sleeve provides protection for your laptop and charger/tablet
If you've just purchased a MacBook Pro 13", or any other 13" thin laptop for that matter, you want to protect it with something just as classy as the design of the laptop itself.
Good looking, and it can hold your tablet.
Something that solved this problem for me is the Colca Sac Uintah sleeve. It is, as mentioned above, made for the MacBook Pro 13" with Retina display, but I tried it with my 13" Samsung notebook and it did fit very well too.
The inside is very fluffy
The outside casing is made of natural hemp, which gives it a very nice look and feel, a bit like a SuperDry shirt for your laptop. Inside, the 100% recycled polyester fleece keeps your laptop snug, and also feels very nice to touch.

In addition, there is also a pocket on the front which can hold your charger, or in my case, my Nexus 7.

The sleeve is handmade and comes from Utah, USA. It provides unique and stylish protection for your MacBook or other 13-inch laptop, without being too flashy. It's probably the best MacBook Pro 13 Sleeve I've tried.