Friday, 28 June 2013

Google Reportedly Working on Gaming Console and Smartwatch

As speculation continues as to who will adopt the wearable tech market the quickest, Google has reportedly taken the initiative as they seem to be working on a smartwatch, to rival the already established Sony Smartwatch (the third-iteration is coming in September) and the Pebble.

Along with this news comes another rumour; this one saying Google is also working on a games console, one that would put the Google name back into the living room, after the Nexus Q had to be dropped.

These new pieces of hardware are believed to both be taking on the Nexus name, and also be highly compatible with the rumoured new version of Android - Key Lime Pie.

There's yet no specified date as to when these devices will launch, but we'd imagine that the smartwatch will be revealed around the end of the year, as that's also when Apple are tipped to launch a smartwatch.

[Source: WSJ]