Friday, 12 July 2013

Motorola Executive Filmed Through Glass Using Moto X

You know that July 11th event that Motorola were supposedly going to reveal the Moto X at, but then later denied anything was going to be shown off there? It turns put they may have been a bit disingenuous, as esteemed member of the technology community Robert Scoble filmed a Motorola executive using the not-yet-official smartphone.

In this snapshot we got from Android Authority, you can see the excited exec thrusting his Moto X at the singer. The camera, flash and Motorola logo are all placed exactly how the previous leaks have shown, so this undoubtedly is the Moto X.

There's still no official date when the Moto X will be revealed, although with these leaks coming thick and fast, and with working models of the phone already in the hands of Motorola executives, we'd imagine it could be launched as soon as the end of the month.