Saturday, 20 July 2013

Motorola Invites Press to Moto X Event, PR Photo Leaks

If the Moto X was a tap, it would not only be leaking, it would be gushing.

Motorola have invited select members of the press to an event on August 1st where they're planning to reveal their very customisable Moto X. Notice the black and white Moto Xs in the invitation image below.

Alongside this revelation, there was a rather large leak of the front and back of the Moto X, showing what the new phone will look like. There's also a transparent navigation soft keys, which have previously been on Motorola's RAZR handsets.

We also see that the bezel around the phone is pretty thin, and there's no Motorola logo on the front, leaving the entire front bezel clean.

[Source: TheUnlockr, Engadget]