Saturday, 13 July 2013

Review: Pro/Tec Nexus 7 Case

If you're like me, you like using your tablet out of a case. Sometimes though, you have to protect it, when you're travelling and when you're putting your tablet in your bag. What if you could combine both those aspects? I think you can, with the Pro/Tec Nexus 7 case (this isn't strictly for the Nexus 7 however, it should work with pretty much any 7-inch tablet, especially the Amazon Kindle Fire).

This case features an easy system to put your Nexus 7 in, and then easily swap it back out again without any issue. This is perfect, as nobody really likes having their tablet in a case all of the time.

The straps only cover the four corners of the screen, however there is a slight issue on the Nexus 7. The bottom straps cover a small segment of the actual screen when everything is set up. It blocks about 1 notification icon when in landscape orientation.

We're missing half a notification icon here
There are a few other down-sides to the case too. Firstly, the power button is partially covered by the top right strap, however it is still usable. Secondly, there's no cut-out for the speaker at the back. This actually works surprisingly in your favour though, as the noise rebounds off the case back to you, as if you had your hand cupped around the back speaker. There's also a slight issue with the headphone port, but if you pull the strap away a bit, you can easily fit a headphone jack in.

The power button is partially blocked
Pull the bottom strap back a bit, and you can access the headphone jack
Talking materials, the case feels really nice to hold. It's soft and padded on the outside, and on the inside the synthetic leather is very smooth on the screen. No problems there.

About the inside, there's four pockets to put some slim items, maybe a passport, or a credit card for example.

The case can also hold the tablet up in portrait and landscape mode, ideal for reading books or watching a movie. However, you may need to make sure you place something behind the case if you're in an unstable environment as it may topple down.

One feature that is missing, possibly because it isn't specifically designed for the Nexus 7, is the use of the tablet's magnetic auto-on feature, which turns the screen on when you lift the case's lid.

The case doesn't actually use any magnets, as there is a strap which comes from the back around the front to secure the front flap to the screen. The strap doesn't block off any ports or buttons on the Nexus 7, although it may differ on other 7-inch tablets.

Overall I rate this case at 3-stars. The case offers premium protection, while also offering a small amount of storage and the ease of being able to take it out of the case whenever you please. However, there are some design faults, as mentioned above, with the straps, power button, headphone port and speaker. If you want to purchase this case, here's the link.