Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Sony Officially Reavels External Smartphone Lenses and Xperia Z1

Today at IFA 2013, Sony have launched their very-much leaked accessories - the QX10 and QX100 external camera lenses which will cost around £170 and £349 respectively.

The QX10 will provide an 18.2MP camera with a 10x optical zoom, and the QX100 will provide a 20.2MP lens with a 3.6x zoom, but a larger sensor, which will allow for better low-light photos.

The devices will be able to connect to most smartphones, via WiFi. They'll also come with a companion app to control the cameras.

Some analysts are wondering if anyone will actually purchase these items. We haven't seen any photos from these accessories, and some may think that their phone's camera is good enough or if they need to take a professional photo to get a proper DSLR. The price makes the products exceedingly hard to recommend, as no-one really wants to spend that money on half a camera.

Sony also got busy with another category for them, their smartphone department. They revealed the larger Xperia Z1, which also features a 20.7MP camera with an "exclusive" sensor found in their Cybershot cameras.

The Z1 also offers a larger screen than the Xperia Z. The Z1 now comes in at 5-inches, and has a 1080p display, running on top of a quad-core processor and a waterproof casing.

Stick with us as we bring you the biggest news coming out of IFA 2013.